Monday, January 18, 2016

Miracles can happen

Well, another year had passed, it was 25th March, 2015, one year to the day of losing our little boys.
It just so happened that with timing, I underwent an IVF procedure - it is as if our little boys were giving their blessing and telling us everything would be OK. That day was so full of emotions and feelings for both of us.
That procedure resulted in a pregnancy!
We found out we were pregnant with fraternal twins, but at 7 weeks lost one of the babies (for a day or two we thought we'd lost the entire pregnancy).
The remaining baby grew and thrived - an extremely active little one!
Scott and Tess - Tess heavily pregnant! We were laughing in this photo because bub was kicking up a storm!
Anyway... our beautiful little boy, Quinn, arrived safely on the 2nd of December 2015!
Here he is at six weeks old:

Miracles can happen - we are feeling very blessed with this little one.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Plastic bag storage... kind of random, I know

Plastic shopping bags.
Wow. Those things are soooo like Tribbles!

This is kind of how I felt when I would open the in the broom closet that the shopping bags were in:
James T Kirk - Star Trek Original Series - The Trouble With Tribbles
James T Kirk - Star Trek Original Series - The Trouble With Tribbles

About 10 years ago, I made this out of a tea-towel:
Plastic bag dispenser made from a tea-towel
Plastic bag dispenser made from a tea-towel
The above image is my actual plastic bag dispenser. Ideally, it would always look like that. Trouble was, there were always more shopping bags than there was room. The dispenser would end up over-flowing, and I would end up having it, as well as plastic bags filled with plastic bags in the broom cupboard.

It was a total mess!

I searched around on-line for ideas about storing plastic bags and found many about folding plastic bags. The idea intrigued me.

This is pretty much what happens (click on the images to view larger versions):

1. Take a plastic bag, and flatten it out as much as you can, getting rid of any air trapped inside:
Flatten out plastic bag
Flatten out plastic bag
2. Fold bag in half, straight down the middle, horizontally:
Fold in half horizontally
Fold in half horizontally
3. Fold in half again, edge to edge, horizontally:
Fold in half again horizontally
Fold in half again horizontally
4. Take the bottom corner and fold it up at an angle, so that the end is aligned with the edge:
Fold the bottom corner up at an angle
Fold the bottom corner up at an angle
5. Fold over so that the corner meets the edge:
Fold the top corner over to align with the edge
Fold the top corner over to align with the edge
6. Fold over again so that the corner meets the edge:
Fold over again
Fold over again
7. Keep repeating this, until you reach where the handles start:
Keep folding until you reach where the handles start
Keep folding until you reach where the handles start
8. Carefully fold until you match the bottom corner with the top edge (and there is approximately 7.5cm [or 3 inches] of handle protruding:
Fold the bottom corner upwards to meet the top edge
Fold the bottom corner upwards to meet the top edge
Bottom corner folded up to meet the top edge
Bottom corner folded up to meet the top edge
9. If the handle protrudes out a little far, you may need to fold it back over approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch).
You may need to fold the handle back approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch)
You may need to fold the handle back approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch)
10. Fold the bottom corner up:
Fold the bottom corner up
Fold the bottom corner up
11. Turn it around, so that the point is facing away from you, and lift one layer of the folded bag up. It should look a little like a pocket. Push the folded handle into the 'pocket'.

12. Push it all the way in..

13. A nice, neat plastic bag.

14. A basket-load of plastic bags.

I tuck that little basket in my kitchen drawer along with wraps and freezer bags. When the above photo was taken, there were 65 plastic bags.

I have now whittled that down to 10.

I have found that by having them in that basket they are used far more often.

I am now trying out Baggu re-usable standard size shopping bags that I purchased from eBay - I like them a lot better than those big non-woven 'green bags' you can get from Coles, Woollies, Aldi, etc, as they fold down a lot smaller.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

It's been 12 months since my last post.
Sorry for that.

We've been through lots of changes in our lives. Lots of IVF.

Today is Mother's Day here in Australia. It's been a really tough day for myself and my husband.

Seven weeks ago we were pregnant with identical twin boys. Then we lost them to twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome at 16 weeks. Plus it appears I have an incompetent cervix, though that was not the cause of our losing our boys.

These are our little boys:

We named them Jonathan Scott and Alexander William. Those are names we loved and they fit both of our boys perfectly.

Six months prior to that we lost another little one. Too early to tell the gender of our little Angel. Two years prior to that, another set of twins, again, too little to tell their gender.

We have now lost five little Angels (that we know of). I really wish God would stop taking our children from us. I don't know why He does it. Maybe it is part of some kind of Plan. Who knows?

All we can do is hope and pray. We will keep trying. We are taking six month break from the IVF as my body didn't do to well (I lost 1.5L blood and became severely anaemic). My IVF specialist, Gynacologist and Nephrologist all want me to get well and leave it for six months...

Here is a small poem I wrote. I am not a poet. I am not a trained writer. I just wrote how I feel.

Mother’s Day

My heart leapt with joy
When I knew there were two
Both of you, my little boys

We’d lost two before
And then a third, then we found we were having two again
My heart leapt with awe

We knew being parents to twins would be hard
We knew it wouldn’t be easy
We didn’t know grief would again pierce our hearts like a glass shard

We thought we were safe, four months along
We cautiously began to hope and feel joy… feel safe
Our hearts full of song

Then the unspeakable happened, both of you gone
Our hearts broken
No longer full of song

Dreams are shattered
Hope broken and gone
Nothing else mattered

Tears in our eyes
Pain in our hearts
We say our good-byes

Today is Mother’s Day
I am a mother to five little angels
For them I pray

We see other parents and wish them many joys
We wish our children were alive with us
We miss our beautiful little boys

Friday, March 1, 2013

People who have used my pattern :-)

I think I've become more inspired to go back to crafting because I've only just realised how popular my peasant blouse pattern has become!

A big thanks to the people who use it!

Notable mentions:
And I've been Pinterested (is that even such a word???):
I know its kind of absurd that I am happy that people are using the pattern/tutorial I created... its just that I like to share what I create.

I hope everyone who uses this pattern found it easy and had fun with it. ♥


Blimey! Nearly 2 years since my last post!

Life happens so much!

Well I am going to change that, I need to re-connect to my creative self again. I have allowed my work to consume me too much.

I am going to endeavour to have a tutorial completed and uploaded every two to three weeks.

I really, really, really need to let my creative side out!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Not able to go to work today, due to the floods here in Toowoomba. My work closed down for a couple of days. I hope it will be open tomorrow.
I will have to get some new water colours and guache as it has been that long since I used them they have dried up!!!!!
I have water colour tempera discs and am using those. Will wait and see the effect.
I do prefer a combination of water colours and guache...

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I have been soooooo slack [read: incredibly busy]. Nearly a year since my last post. Geez I'm sad.
I really have to find time for myself and things I like to do. I haven't sewn for 1 year and 3 months.
Why does life have to be soooooo busy???